Do you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning? While it might be tough to leave the comforts of sleep, you're not alone—60% of Americans say that they wake up feeling groggy at least a few times per week, according to a Sleep in America poll conducted by the National Sleep Foundation. If you're one of those people, watch this video for some ways that you can trick yourself into being a morning person, so you'll wake up with more energy every day

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Don't have time to watch the video? Read the transcript:

Stop hitting snooze: Set your alarm for when you really need to get up, and put it across the room.

Keep the shades open: Sunlight helps signal to your body that it's time to rise.

Stick to a schedule: Sleeping in on the weekend can throw off your body's circadian rhythm.

Splash your face with cold water: It may help trigger a surge of adrenaline.

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Exercise: Getting active in the morning can help wake you up.