There's no denying our big fat Greek yogurt obsession. (It accounted for nearly half of all yogurt sales in 2013!) But the options are growing far beyond the Mediterranean. These four countries offer great alternatives to Greek yogurt, while packing comparable health benefits (and tasting good in the process).

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From Iceland: Skyr, Siggi's, Smári

Made from milk strained to remove the whey, it's thicker than Greek, plus it packs more protein.

From Australia: Noosa, Wallaby, Yulu

The milk is typically cooked slower than the milk in conventional American yogurt for a smooth, velvety texture.

Photo: Noosa

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From India: Gopi

Lassi, a drinkable yogurt, is traditionally made with a plain yogurt and mango, flavored with salt and spices.

Photo: Gopi

From Vietnam: Tarte

Caramelizing the milk and sugar together before culturing gives it a dessert taste, minus the added sweeteners.

Photo: Tarte