Move over, color runs! Beer miles (in which you down a brew after every quarter mile) are the new race du jour. Professional beer miler and world-record holder Lewis Kent—recently signed by Brooks—offers tips for surviving an ale-filled dash.

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Choose wisely

Stouts and darker beers tend to be thicker and harder to chug. For a smoother sip that’s less likely to upset your stomach, reach for a lager or blond beer instead.

Gulp, don't sip

Being speedy is great, but the real skill is rapidly tossing back those suds. “If it takes you a minute or longer than your competition, your lead will disappear quickly,” says Kent.

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Pace yourself

Run your first lap 5 to 10 seconds more slowly than normal; you’ll be less out of breath and able to drink your second beer a lot more easily. If you hammer the first two laps, beers three and four are going to hurt.