When I went apartment hunting, one of the things that sold me on my current place was the kitchen. It’s not that it’s big (what New York City kitchen is?), but it was recently remodeled, had a charming checkerboard backsplash, and a window with an amazing view of the city--including my favorite pizza joint.

Since the kitchen is one of my apartment's biggest selling points, I hate to clutter it up with anything unsightly, including a blah bottle of dish soap. Thus, I'm always keeping my eyes open for attractive dish soaps that I don't mind placing on my counter (not to mention, are eco-friendly, have a pleasing scent, and can actually wash a dish!).

The following are three of my favorites that meet all of my "dish soap standards." Here’s to getting sudsy in style.

I’ve always been a fan of how the eco-friendly brand's soap cleans, but Method's new line of prints by Irish-born designer Orla Kiely turn the bottles into statement pieces. ($3 to $4; launching this fall at Target stores)

Because of its calming lavender-scent, Mrs. Meyers biodegradable dish soap actually makes washing my plates a zen experience (well not really, but at least it takes the edge off). Not to mention, I love the retro-looking bottle. ($4; Mrsmeyers.com)

A sophisticated scent (in a stylish bottle) that tackles tough grease? It’s possible, with Caldrea’s Mandarin Vetiver dish soap, which is made sans ammonia, chlorine, phosphates, or petroleum distillates. ($9; Caldrea.com)