Nick Offerman played a die-hard bacon lover with an insatiable appetite for facial hair and American patriotism during six seasons of the NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation. Now, the man who brought Ron Swanson to life is teaming up with the American Heart Association (AHA) to skewer—and raise serious awareness of—the nutritional challenges facing kids in this country.

In a mock advertisement posted on Funny Or Die today, Offerman explains that "the government tells us we need to offer healthy choices in school lunches, but what is healthy really?" He then takes viewers on a tour of his Pizza Farm, where he's "growing the ripe, juicy pizzas"—studded with pepperoni "straight from Mother Earth"—that "your kids love. What could be healthier than this?"

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There are also taquitos that grow fresh from the vine, "where we pick 'em," Offerman explains, "and deliver 'em straight to those school lunch trays." He hands one to a child, who, after turning down an apple instead, takes a bite, then complains, "My teeth feel soft!"

Clearly a jab at some of the less-than-nutritious foods available to American kids, the video  ends with a screen reading, "Our kid's [sic] health shouldn't be a laughing matter" and a call-to-action to get involved with AHA's support of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010.

The organization's goal? To get you to help them write letters pressuring lawmakers into reauthorizing the act, which updated nutritional standards for school lunches across the United States.

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