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A stroke is a reduction in blood supply to the brain due to a blockage (80% of strokes), which is usually a blood clot, or bleeding in the brain (20% of strokes). Rapid treatment—within three hours of the first symptom—is crucial. If blood supply is quickly restored, it may prevent permanent brain damage. Stroke symptoms come on suddenly and include trouble speaking; confusion; weakness, numbness, or paralysis on one side of the face or body; vision problems; severe headache; or trouble with walking or balance. Call 911 if you or someone else has these symptoms.

Stroke News

  • Adults With Heart Defects May Face Higher Risk of Stroke: Study

    TUESDAY, Nov. 24, 2015 (HealthDay News) — Adults who were born with heart defects are at increased risk for stroke, a new study finds. “We knew there was a connection between heart failure and stroke in patients with heart defects, but we were surprised to discover it was the strongest predictor,” said senior study author Dr. [...]

  • If You’re Prone to PMS You Could Be At Risk for This Condition Later in Life

    New research suggests that those with moderate-to-severe PMS may be at heightened risk for high blood pressure.

  • High ‘Resting’ Heart Rate Tied to Higher Odds of Early Death

    By Steven ReinbergHealthDay Reporter MONDAY, Nov. 23, 2015 (HealthDay News) — A rapid “resting” heartbeat might mean you have a higher risk of dying early, researchers suggest. “Higher resting heart rate is an independent predictor of all-cause and cardiovascular death,” said lead researcher Dr. Dongfeng Zhang, of the department of epidemiology at the Medical College of Qingdao [...]

  • Danger Persists for Young Women After Heart Attack, Stroke

    By Dennis ThompsonHealthDay Reporter MONDAY, Nov. 23, 2015 (HealthDay News) — Young women who survive a heart attack or stroke may not be out of danger once they recover, European researchers say. These women could continue to face drastically increased risk of death — or another heart attack or stroke — for a long time after their [...]

  • Holiday Stress Can Actually Be Bad for Your Health

    The stress of making holiday time a happy time can put women at risk for heart problems.

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