The Integrated Solutions woman is a proactive health information seeker. She is always searching out new and better solutions, expert medical advice and the right products for herself and her family to live a healthy life, every day.

She Prioritizes Her Health
84% plan to see the doctor in the next 6 months; 61% will ask about an Rx medication

She is the Decision Maker
The house manager and key decision maker for beauty care, household, OTC medications and food products

She is An Influencer
2x as likely to frequently provide advice on health/dieting/exercise

She is the Family Caretaker
Primary caregiver or sharing responsibility for her spouse, children, parents or in-laws

Sources: Audience Intercept Study. Audience Study June 2009; 95%+ decision maker for beauty, household, OTC and Food. @plan Winter 2010 (index201). Audience Study June 2009