Superfoods, Better Moods

  • 5 Energy-Boosting Snacks

    If you're fighting the urge to nap on your desk after lunch, the mid-day cup of coffee just isn't cutting it. Stave off the afternoon slump and swap your caffeine for one of these 5 light, low-cal bites that fight fatigue and keep you going between meals.

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  • Pick Your Perfect Snack

    Whether you crave salty or sweet, creamy or crunchy, we've got the bites you'll go crazy for—all under 200 calories.

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  • Boost Your Mood With These Foods

    What you eat can affect the way you feel—in a good way. You just need to choose wisely. So skip the chocolate and chips, and instead opt for these quick and healthy pick-me-ups. They'll leave you feeling better than before!

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  • blueberry-cooler-smoothie
    The Right Stuff: Performance Food

    Certain foods can actually help you get the things you want: a good night’s sleep, a big raise, a long-awaited pregnancy, and more.

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