Yes You Can!


One Month to a Wow Body

Guess what you can accomplish in just one month: Clean up your diet, for real! Get your physique primed to ace a 5- or 10K race! Drop a cool 12 pounds without ever feeling deprived. Here you'll find your master plan to make it all happen.

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    Ace That Race!

    Running your best race is about more than just knowing when and how far to train. Here are Olympic medalist Deena Kastor champion tips for race-day success.

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    Get Slim in September: Bonus Recipes

    Great job! You’ve made it past the kick-start. Now finish weeks two through four (dark chocolate is in your future!), and you can lose up to 12 pounds in 30 days, so long as you follow either our fitness plan.

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    Run a 5- or 10K (or More!)

    With this simple training plan from Olympic medalist Deena Kastor and her husband, running coach Andrew Kastor, (yes!) you can train for a 5K, 10K or a half marathon.

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