Foods to Fuel Your Body


America’s Healthiest Superfoods for Women

Eating the right combination of fresh produce, whole grains, lean protein, and low-fat dairy will give your body the energy it needs, protect you from chronic diseases, and may even whittle down your waist.

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  • peanut-smoothie
    11 Healthy Milk Shakes and Smoothies

    These recipes combine low-fat dairy products and fruit for drinks that have less than 300 calories but plenty of energy-boosting nutrients.

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  • fried-egg
    7 Foods That Fight Fat

    These foods do double duty—they help you blast fat and make you feel full longer, so you’ll eat fewer calories.

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  • steak-salad
    8 Salads That Satisfy

    A lackluster bowl of lettuce can leave your stomach growling minutes later. Luckily, these eight hunger-fighting salad recipes are packed with enough protein and fiber to satisfy you for hours.

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