CarbLovers Diet

Eat healthy and lose weight on The CarbLovers Diet. Use Resistant Starch to stay full and burn fat for a healthy lifestyle.

Buy The CarbLovers Diet Cookbook

You asked for more recipes and you got them—150 to be exact! Our new cookbook has loads of grab-and-go food options and advice on adapting this breakthrough diet plan to your needs. Find out more great ways to stay slim while eating the food you love.

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  • carbs-make-thin
    How Carbs Make You Thin... for Life

    You just love great food—especially dishes bursting with delicious carbs. Learn how your favorite pasta, pizza, and potato dishes will actually help you lose weight.

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  • Gail-Simmons
    Star Chefs Cook Carbs!

    Your favorite celebrity chefs know how to turn a good carb into a great dish! Learn why these love cooking with these foods and try their recipes at home.

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  • skinny-kitchen-tools
    Must-Have Tools for a Healthy Kitchen

    Eating healthy starts not only with smart food swaps, but a kitchen stocked with the right tools. Don't know where to begin? Clean out your cabinets and upgrade your kitchen with these slimming essentials.

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