8 Great Workout DVDs to Try Now


The Cardio Enhancer

Michelle Dozois Peak 10 Cardio Interval Burn Remix ($19; amazon.com)

Best for: Cardio buffs nostalgic for back-in-the-day aerobics classes.

What it is: A mix of kickboxing, calisthenics and aerobics, this high-energy workout has an old-school feel that is reminiscent of a 1990s step class (think grapevines). You'll cycle through five circuits, each with two five-minute rounds, building intensity throughout.

Testers' take: Our guinea pigs enjoyed Dozois' energy but thought she could be overly peppy at times. As one put it, "Although she was motivating, she was energetic to the point of concern—almost as if she drank three Red Bulls before filming."

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