4 Easy Party Makeup Tips

Credit: Jack Miskell

Dress up your eyes

Enhance your eyes with a swipe of liquid liner. Gaze downward into a mirror and hold the skin at the outer corner of your eye taut so your lid is stretched into a straight line. Apply a regular black pencil, such as Maybelline New York Line Express Eyeliner in Ebony Black ($6; mass retailers), right along the lash line, from your inner corner just to the outer corner. "This creates a stencil to trace and fills in gaps between lash hairs," Carmindy explains.

Next, trace the line with liquid liner, extending it about 1/4 inch past the outer corner of your eye with a slight upward tick, which gives eyes a lifted look. Carmindy recommends a pen version of liquid liner for beginners. We like Nars Eyeliner Stylo in Nuits Blanches ($27; narscosmetics.com), which has a stiff tip that's easy to control.

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