Get Bigger, Better Hair

Credit: Getty Images

Take it higher with a dryer

Here's how to do it, from Hannah Williams, of Blow salon in New York City:
Massage in product. Lift hair in sections, spritz a root-boosting spray near roots, then massage it in with fingertips. "This separates the strands and adds lift," Williams says.
Flip it. Set in sections. Separate a section of hair and dry it while using a round brush to gently pull it in the opposite direction you want it to fall. This sets the hair so when you finish and flop it back over, there's lift at the roots.
Spray so it stays. After drying, flip your head upside down and mist the underside with lightweight hair spray. "Spraying directly on top can leave the top layer stiff and cause hair to fall flat," Williams explains.

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