Chocolate for Every Personality


If she’s a Samantha

All the sex kittens out there finally have a chocolate collection to call their own. From the trendsetting Vosges chocolate company comes the Sweet Coquette. Before your lips touch the first truffle, you know you’re in for a titillating experience by the French tickler-esque leather whip and fishnet ribbon adorning the lid. And indeed, this is no ordinary Valentine’s Day selection.

All of the flavors are designed around an aphrodisiac ingredient, such as Kumamoto oysters, chiles, and pumpkin seeds (see me discuss natural libido boosters on the CBS Early Show). The whip box will run you a hefty $90, but the same chocolates without the sexy package (you still get a heart-shaped box) are just $45. Pick up a box for your naughty girl at

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