Health's Angels Lose Their Halos


Dark chocolate

Seems like there's no end to the stream of chocolate's benefits, from cancer-fighting antioxidants to heart-healthy flavanols and more. Recent research suggests half a bar a week is enough to protect your ticker. 

And more than a few people confessed a love for dark chocolate. An editor I work for—whom I won't dime out for precisely that reason—confessed to eating large 3.5-ounce bars of dark chocolate in one sitting. That's about 550 calories and 42.5 grams of fat (300 calories more than a single serving). 

Kimberly, the young lady who researches and writes the 7 Under 70 page, is another chocolate lover. She nibbles on truffles: "I think, 'Well, they're just 52 calories each, so two won't hurt. ...But then when I'm on the elliptical, those 'Well, this won't hurt anything' moments come back to get me."

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