Most Embarrassing Questions: Sweating It Out at the Gym

Credit: Fotolia/Health

My crotch gets super sweaty when I exercise. Is there anything I can do?

Like your armpits, your crotch is endowed with many sweat glands, so it’s normal—although not too pleasant—to be damp down below after a workout. Pubic hair can also trap moisture, which can mix with bacteria and cause irritation or odor.

Don’t attempt to soak up sweat with a panty liner; that could up the odds of vaginal irritation. Instead, stick to the hygiene basics: Wear cotton panties, change shortly after working out, and take a quick shower—if you can. And it’s not a bad idea to defend yourself against sweat with clothes made of fabrics that wick moisture away from your skin, like those made with hydrology technology by Asics. Wear loose-fitting garments (forget about spandex), and throw bottoms in the wash after a wearing.

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