Celebrity Couples: Who's Healthy, Who's Not?

Credit: Getty Images

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett

This fit power couple knows the secret to a healthy marriage. For his role in I, Robot, Smith shrunk his body fat to 7.5%. (The average American male has approximately 17% to 19%.)

Pinkett-Smith is a yoga advocate. “I usually do my yoga at home in the evenings for about an hour,” she told Women’s Health in 2005.

They spend quality time with their family but don’t feel guilty when they are away. “I make sure I get jobs so that I can go away and have promotional tours and have an excuse to be alone,” Pinkett-Smith told People. But the distance doesn’t worry Smith. “I knew you were that person for me because you’re loyal, to a fault,” he said of Jada in Essence in 2008.

Tip to steal: Maintain your independence. These lovebirds have their own lives, but cherish their time together.

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