Decadent Dip Recipes

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Artichoke-and-tomato salsa

Dips are a quick and easy way to serve a group. But some cheesy recipes contain up to 20 grams of fat! Instead of dumping a low-fat bottle of jarred salsa in a bowl, dive into these delicious low-calorie dips.

If medium salsa and tortilla chips seems tired, try this healthier and tastier take: Artichoke-and-Tomato salsa. Packed with soluble fiber, artichokes give this salsa a heart-healthy face-lift. A touch of Parmesan cheese adds rich flavor to the tomatoes and olives, creating a Mediterranean masterpiece. Serve with lightly salted pita chips and watch the bowl get licked clean.

Try this recipe: Artichoke-and-Tomato Salsa

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