Hot Drinks for Chilly Days

Credit: Istockphoto

Mocha Chocolate

When you can't take a tropical vacation, a hot beverage is the perfect way to ignore Old Man Winter knocking at your door. Not only do these drinks taste delicious, but they're also healthy—a 2003 study showed that hot cocoa contains more antioxidants than red wine or tea! Even simply holding a warm beverage may make you feel more generous. Get out your favorite mug and enjoy these steaming hot treats today.

A grande Caffè Mocha at Starbucks will set you back 330 calories, but this lightened version can be sipped guilt free. Using low-fat milk keeps the calorie content in check while giving you a boost of bone-strengthening calcium. Plus, the creamy cocoa has just enough coffee to start your morning off right, while satisfying your chocolate craving. 

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