Easy Ways to Add a Splash of Citrus


Learn to love your lemons

The trick to a light and flavorful dish is just a splash of citrus. Often tart and sometimes sweet, citrus flavors add a punch of flavor without any added fat, calories, or cholesterol. Use these lemon-, lime-, or orange-infused recipes for a tangy take on dinner (and dessert!).

Grilled Lemon Chicken With Fresh Parsley Sauce
Grilled chicken by itself is boring! But add this parsley sauce to make a savory chicken dinner. Vitamin C–rich parsley, lemon, and a dash of oil and vinegar make a creamy sauce with a pesto-like consistency. This dish weighs in at less than 200 calories, so serve it with a mixed greens salad and roasted new potatoes.  

Try this recipe: Grilled Lemon Chicken With Fresh Parsley Sauce

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