How to Get Full Fabulous Hair


Be a roller girl

"A supereasy way to build body in fine hair: After blow-drying, grab a section from the top of your head and lift upward. Wrap hair around the roller, away from your face. Once you've covered your whole head, let set for five minutes, mist on a soft-hold spray, then remove the rollers and style with your fingers."—Eugene Toye, stylist at Rita Hazan Salon in New York City

Swap out that metal-barrel brush: "Round brushes with ceramic barrels are key for body. They retain heat better than metal ones and are gentler on hair, so you can make waves without singeing your strands."—Mario Russo, owner of The Mario Russo Salon in Boston

Don't go monotone: "Weaving in a few shades of color can create a more dimensional, light-reflective hue that looks incredibly lush."—Ben Stewart, director of color for Cutler/Redken salons

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