97 Reasons to Quit Smoking

92. Less chance—if the Chinese example is anything to go by—of suffering tobacco-induced limp-noodle syndrome, which is not a technical term but you get the idea.
One 2007 study estimated that more than 20% of erectile dysfunction cases in Chinese men could be attributed to smoking.

93. You could save $14 per pack!
You will, however, split that savings with your employer and the nation. Heres the math: If cigarettes are $7 per pack in your local store today, add another $7.18 (at least), because thats the 2002 estimate by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the per-pack cost in lost productivity and medical costs caused by cigarettes. Given the skyrocketing cost of medical care in this country, the savings may even be greater than that.

94. After you quit, it will be safe to watch Mad Men.
AMCs riveting, smoke-wreathed, ultracool series about ad agencies in the early 1960s is an hour-long inducement to light up. Until you've safely quit, here's an alternative: Visit the online Legacy Tobacco Documents Library to read memos and reports tracing the real-life efforts of tobacco companies to advertise and market cigarettes in the years before and after the historic 1964 Surgeon Generals report declaring smoking a health hazard.

95. You will be much less likely to be the butt of a headline like "Smoking Woman in Air Rage."
According to The Smoking Gun, the Web site that serves up arrest warrants and other documents pertaining to bad behavior, a 35-year-old New Yorker lit up a cigarette on a JetBlue flight to San Francisco on June 17, 2008, began cursing, punched a flight attendant, and had to be restrained while the plane made a diversion to Denver.

96. You will laugh less self-consciously at a headline like "Smoking Now Permitted Only in Special Room in Iowa."
Check out The Onion's hilarious 1998 story about a congressional law "restricting smoking in the U.S. to a specially designated ‘smoking lounge in Oskaloosa, IA." The story quotes an antismoking activist: "We must continue to lobby for greater restrictions until smoking is only allowed beyond the orbit of the outermost gas giant Neptune."

97. Oh, did we mention you'll likely live longer?
Every cigarette you smoke cuts 11 minutes off your expected life span.