Whole Heart

A Heart-Healthy Diet and Medication Cut His Heart Disease Risk

My doctor said that if I could lower my cholesterol naturally, great. But if not, he recommended Lipitor for my particular profile. I gave it a try, but I couldnt budge the number, quite honestly. I never like to take drugs, Ive always resisted, feeling like 10 years from now they might find out that its bad for you. Nonetheless I started taking Lipitor, and Im glad I did because two weeks later my cholesterol was slashed in half. Ive been taking it for several years now and havent seen any side effects. The worst reported side effect is liver damage, but I get physicals regularly with tests for liver functions and I seem to be doing fine.

I want to live a long and active life. My father lived to be 73; thats not old anymore. I believe his father, my grandfather, was in his 60s when he died. They both died of heart disease. Being severely compromised by a stroke or something equally debilitating really scares me. I dont want to be crippled. I dont want to not be able to move around and travel and live my life. I like working, visiting my family, and seeing my grandchildren. I dont want that taken away from me.
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