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A Heart-Healthy Diet and Medication Cut His Heart Disease Risk

"I want to live a long and active life, so I followed my doctor's advice."
A few years ago, I changed primary care physicians. The new doctor requested a series of lab tests, including a cholesterol panel. We learned my total cholesterol was as high as 298! My doctor told me that I was at risk for heart disease. Not lowering it could lead to heart attack, death, and other bad stuff.

Ive always had high cholesterol, and I tried to get it down with diet and exercise. But as Ive gotten older, I've put on weight. I travel a lot for work, and what I really dislike about business travel is that it disrupts my life. Not every hotel has an exercise room, and unless youre very fortunate, youre not in a place where healthy food is plentiful. Sometimes a family-style chain restaurant is the best place to eat, and you cant find anything healthy on the menu there unless you eat salad every day.

I think the quality of food is important for your health. My wife is pretty focused on healthy eating. We dont eat a lot of fried foods. We try to buy organic fruits and vegetables, though thats something thats not available to everybody. But I hope I dont sabotage that entirely with some of my unhealthy food practices. Im kind of a chocoholic and I love bread and baked goods. I love the street pretzels in San Francisco.

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