America’s Healthiest Shopping

Lynda Churilla

Lynda Churilla

Its that time of year to make your list, check it twice—and hit the stores. Happily, some retailers today are realizing that shoppers want a healthy experience as well as bargains.

But which stores are doing a great job? We asked retail experts to help us review the top U.S. discount and department stores on “healthy” criteria, including comfort, cleanliness, customer service, and eco-friendliness.

There were some disappointments (health isnt a subject some stores wish to discuss or care much about), but we were pleased to find 10 that are doing some smart things.

In fact, our winners are making shopping better for you in ways you can see (recyclable bags, healthful products, hand sanitizer) and ways you may not even notice (greener lighting and building materials, solar heating).

Before you visit our winners, check out our shopping kit to make sure youre well-armed (comfy shoes! germ-fighting lotion!). Heres to the stores that make your blood pressure go down.

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