Ultimate Eat-Out Guide for Healthy Carbs

Need to know what to order at a restaurant or fast-food joint on The CarbLovers Diet? Its here. Youll even find the right foods in the right portion sizes, so you dont have to do the math yourself.

The following choices all contain at least one ingredient high in Resistant Starch as well as several other metabolism boosters. You can mix and match them, too. Pair any option that totals fewer than 300 calories with a piece of fruit.

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FoodCaloriesServing size
Au Bon Pain Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal28012 oz.
Così Oatmeal1017.5 oz.
Dunkin' Donuts Ham, Egg White, and Cheese on Wheat English Muffin3001 sandwich
Einstein Bros. Sante Fe3601/2 portion
Einstein Bros. Spicy Elmo3601/2 portion
Jamba Juice Blueberry & Blackberry Oatmeal2908.9 oz.
Jamba Juice Coldbuster24016 fl oz.
Jamba Juice Fresh Banana Oatmeal2809.6 oz.
Jamba Juice Protein Berry Workout With Soy Protein27016 fl oz.
Orange Julius Bananarilla40020 oz.
Orange Julius Berry Banana Squeeze27016 fl oz.
Panera Strawberry Granola Parfait2808.25 oz.
Starbucks Apple Bran Muffin3501 muffin
Subway Egg & Cheese on 9-Grain Bread With Egg White3206-inch sandwich
Subway Ham, Egg, and Cheese on 9-Grain Bread With Egg White3506-inch sandwich

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