20 Healthy Foods That Can Make You Feel Gross

Healthy foods should energize you, so why can these nutritious eats leave you gassy and tired?
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Healthy swaps gone wrong

by Maggie Puniewska

Swapping soda for a pressed juice. Choosing whole-wheat toast over white bread. Grabbing a fiber bar before a tough workout. These seem like smart, healthy choices, right? Then why is it that the fiber bar leaves you with a bloated midsection or the juice (yes, the one with all the fruits and vegetables!) has you feeling sluggish? Turns out sometimes eating good-for-you food can cause some unpleasant side effects if you eat too much or aren't careful with when and how you consume them.

If you find yourself gassy, tired, or puffy around the middle, take a peek at what's on your plate—it could be that one of these 20 foods ahead is the culprit.

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