10 Types of Hunger and How to Control Them

Is the rumbling in your belly for real, or are you bored, stressed, or just eating out of habit? Learn to decode the types of hunger so you can reach your weight loss goals.

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What your hunger really means

by Jessica Migala

Your hunger is a mystery. Some days you eat what's on your plate and move on, while others it's like your stomach is an empty pit. Yes, it can be confusing. That's because you're grappling with your hunger (a physical need to eat) and your appetite (a desire to eat). Often, one can be mistaken for the other—and that can make all the difference if you lose, gain, or maintain your weight. To help you decode what your body and brain are really saying, you've got to learn the difference between the types of hunger—from real to boredom to stress. Here's how.

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