7 Simple Steps for Head-to-Toe Sun Protection

It's easier (and more pleasant!) than ever to protect your skin. Here's how, whether you're hitting the beach or just running around.

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Stay sun-safe from head to toe

by Lisa Whitmore

You won't read "Wear broad-spectrum SPF 30 DAILY!" here, because by now, you know you should. Still, you may need a reminder of why this habit is so important. Some eye-openers: "Up to 90 percent of skin cancers are associated with UV exposure," says Elizabeth Hale, MD, a clinical associate professor of dermatology at the NYU Langone Medical Center. One in five Americans will be diagnosed with skin cancer—which includes deadly melanoma—in their lifetimes. Our hassle-free guide is filled with practical tips on keeping every body part safe. To-do: Read, stock up on SPF, rub!

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