9 Old-Time Cures Doctors Swear By (And 3 to Skip)

Classic treatments we grew up with are making a comeback, thanks to fresh research confirming their powers. Here's why you should reach (again) for the Pepto, prunes, and other throwback cures.

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Old is new again

by Nancy Rones

Medical offices might have gone high-tech, but some of the advice you'll hear there these days rings more nostalgic: Complain of constipation or congestion and you may get an Rx for dried plums (née prunes) or a saltwater gargle. "The more that old remedies pan out in studies, the more likely physicians are to suggest them," says Philip Hagen, MD, vice chair of the division of preventive medicine at Mayo Clinic. "Part of the drive is the cost of health care—trying these at home could save you a trip to the doctor." Consider these golden oldies the next time you're feeling under the weather. More: Scary Symptoms You Can Relax About

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