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18 Fashion and Makeup Mistakes That Age You

Is your style giving away your real age—or worse, making you look older? Get anti-aging advice from the pros.

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by Amanda MacMillan

Your choice of clothing and cosmetics can highlight your sense of style, compliment your best features, and keep you looking fresh and full of life. But sometimes these decisions can backfire: an ill-fitting dress that stretches and sags in all the wrong places, or a shade of makeup that accentuates fine lines and wrinkles. Women don't always update their fashion and beauty routines as they get older, says Los Angeles-based celebrity makeup artist Jan Ping, but they should; otherwise, the same products and pieces that once worked so well for them could suddenly give away their real age—or worse, make them look even older than they really are. Here are 18 common beauty blunders, and anti-aging advice from the pros on how to fix them.

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