10 Healthy Herbs to Grow (and Eat) at Home

These easy-to-grow herbs offer big flavor and health benefits, right from your backyard or windowsill.

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Mint is a rich source of vitamin A, providing more than half of your recommended daily intake in just two tablespoons. In addition, Hetrich says, "mint is good for the breath, digestion, nausea, headaches, respiratory disorders, asthma, pimples, [and] cavities." Need another reason to use this herb? A recent study found that essential oils in peppermint have a positive effect on exercise performance, respiratory rate, and blood pressure.

Grow tip: Watch out! This herb takes off fast and needs plenty of space. "Because it grows so well and fast, it will choke out anything else in its area," Hetrich warns. Try growing it outdoors, in a raised bed.

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