Nigella Lawson's Secrets to Healthy Eating

The British-born food star explains how to cook for flavor, curb cravings, and enjoy every meal fully.

Credit: Hugo Burnand

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by Jancee Dunn
From Health magazine

At 53, Nigella Lawson looks as sleek and ravishing as ever. And she has many pots on the stove these days: Not only is she judging and executive-producing the ABC cooking competition The Taste, but she has just released her ninth cookbook, Nigellissima, a trove of gloriously simple Italian dishes.

The self-described "home cook" chats from her London abode, where she lives with her husband of nine years, Charles Saatchi, and three enviably well-fed kids: "My children often use this cookbook as a sort of catalog and say, 'We'll have one of those, please,'" she says with a laugh.

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