Jordana Brewster's Guide to the Beautiful Life

The ultra-buff star of Dallas and Fast & Furious 6 knows a thing or two about staying in top shape.

Credit: Matt Jones

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Keys to happiness

by Alison Prato

Jordana Brewster is so stunning that she nearly causes a three-car pileup crossing a Beverly Hills street, but she truly has no idea she created such a stir. Sporting white printed pants, a black cardigan and thick-rimmed glasses, the 33-year-old Brazilian, who stars on TNT's Dallas and in the new wham-bam Fast & Furious 6, is much more comfortable chatting about her inner "nerdiness" than style tips. Over tea, the star—married to producer Andrew Form since 2007—shares her (not always) glamorous secrets to a happy life.

Check out this video of our cover shoot with Jordana Brewster!  

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