9 Ways to Silence Your Inner Critic

Tips for staying positive and preventing self-criticism from spiraling out of control.

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Think positive

by Jancee Dunn

A little self-criticism is a good thing: It can be a reality check that spurs you to be a better person. But there is a vast difference between "I need to work out more," which sparks your motivation, and "I'm a jiggly blob."

Excessive self-criticism tends to backfire, because it leads us to focus on our so-called failures instead of the "small ways that we could have improved," says psychologist Tamar E. Chansky, PhD, author of Freeing Yourself From Anxiety. And over the long term, studies show, self trash-talk is associated with higher stress levels and even depression.

Happily, there are many ways to muzzle that inner critic for good.

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