Are Your Bad Habits As Bad As You Think?

From not replacing an old kitchen sponge to sitting on public toilets, we reveal which parts of your daily routine you might want to rethink—and which are no big deal.

Credit: Travis Rathbone

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You text while walking

The verdict: Danger! Danger!

Being absorbed in your smartphone while crossing the street is a really great way to become roadkill. In a recent study, people who traversed several busy intersections while texting were four times less likely than nontexters to look before they crossed, cross with the light or stay in the crosswalk. It also took them two seconds longer to navigate the intersection. "Crossing less cautiously and spending more time in the intersection raises the risk of being hit by a car. We certainly saw some near-misses," says senior study author Beth Ebel, MD, of the University of Washington.

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