Are Your Bad Habits As Bad As You Think?

From not replacing an old kitchen sponge to sitting on public toilets, we reveal which parts of your daily routine you might want to rethink—and which are no big deal.

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You load up your coffee with extras

The verdict: It won't kill you, but...

A heavy hand with the condiments adds empty calories to your diet. And we're not just talking about whipped cream and mocha syrup: Even stirring in half-and-half and a couple of packs of sugar can add 50 calories to your five-calorie cup of joe. Over a year, if you don't offset those extra calories each day, that's enough to pack on 5 extra pounds. That said, if you're generally a healthy eater, then a splash of milk and a little sugar are "not a problem," says Kelly Morrow, RD, associate professor of nutrition at Bastyr University in Seattle.

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