Best and Worst Movie Foods

Don’t let the calorie counts of theater treats ruin your night—there are smart ways to snack at the movies.
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Best use of real fruit

Dryer’s 4-ounce Fruit Bar

Cinemark Cinemas offers several zero- or low-calorie items on its concessions menu, including a Dreyer’s fruit bar, made with real chunks of frozen fruit, for just 80 calories and 19 g sugar.

AMC offers a real-fruit option, as well, as part of their Smart MovieSnacks Bundle: For $7, you get a bag of Chiquita Fruit Chips—a crunchy mix of dehydrated bananas, pineapples, and mangos for 110 calories and 20 g sugar—along with bottled water, air-popped corn chips, and an Odwalla trail mix bar.

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