Great Recipes for a Crowd

What's the easiest way to treat family and friends? Whip up a potful of something warm, nutritious, and delicious—then let your guests personalize their garnishes.

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One-pot meals

by Melissa Roberts

Between the office parties and cocktail soirees, the shopping and wrapping, there are moments when you just want to connect with the people you love most. That's when you need simple, nourishing dishes, like these one-pot soups and stews. Each can easily be doubled to feed a crowd, and most come with toppings so folks can customize their bowls.

"Entertaining this way allows people to control portions and preferences," says Laura Pensiero, RD, owner of Gigi Hudson Valley, a restaurant, market, and catering company in Rhinebeck, New York.

Best part: It's serve yourself, so you can kick back and enjoy the night, too.

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