7 Restaurant Mistakes Healthy People Make

Grilled this and blackened that: You think you're ordering diet-friendly fare, but calories have a way of sneaking into many "healthy" restaurant picks. Order wisely with these tips from top chefs and dietitians.

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Beware 'small' plates

When tapas made their way to the States, they became supersized—and, often, super-fried: An order of patatas bravas (fried potatoes with spicy mayo) weighs in at around 500 calories. Even lighter-seeming pesto shrimp and avocado crostini can run 640 calories per order. "Plus, with tapas, most people don't feel full because they're not sitting down to an actual meal," Gans says. "Psychologically, they don't fill you up as much." Ditto the little plates at Mediterranean or Korean restaurants. They're all calorie bombs.

Solution: Look for the word grilled. And when ordering two appetizers instead of an entrée, make sure one is protein and one is veggies, so you feel satisfied and don't splurge on a third (less wholesome) mini dish.

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