Bethenny Frankel's Guide to a Great New Year

Shape up without the gym, save more money, find extra time for yourself—the Skinnygirl turned talk show host tells how to do it all in 2013.

Credit: Getty Images

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Watch your wallet

  • "Know your credit card rates, because it ends up costing you more than just buying the item [with cash]."
  • "Pay attention to spending on things like coffee. If you get one latte every day for $5, you're talking about $1,800 a year."
  • "Don't put good money after bad. You can't just spend as you go. With BethennyBakes, a company I started in 2001, I learned you can have a great idea, but it has to be viable. The cookies were good, but they were perishable so they'd get moldy. I spent up to $100,000 on that business.""
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