Stress Relief Tips From Around the World

How do people in other countries de-stress? With these cool cultural traditions—ones that work wherever you live.

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"We have keyif, which means relishing pleasurable things. I have keyif when I listen to music or stretch my legs. I'm in the moment and not thinking about anything stressful." —Asli Çavusoglu, 42, nonprofit program coordinator; Istanbul

What you can do: Distract your brain from whatever's riling you up. "Stressful thoughts often come from a presumption that something bad is going to happen," points out Ellen Langer, PhD, a Harvard psychology professor. "If you can focus on a positive, you can help derail those thoughts." Jot down a list of Good Things in your life on iPhone Notes, and eyeball it next time you have a holiday freak-out. Your iPod can also come in handy; in one study, people subjected to freezing-cold compresses were less likely to notice the discomfort when listening to music.

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