How to Reclaim A Tiny Waist

OK, so your middle's gone M.I.A. that doesn't mean you can't reclaim it. Slim, strong stomach, here you come!

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Don't forget cardio!

Sweat it out for 30-40 minutes with one of these cardio options (or switch them up!) four times a week.

Ratchet up your ride
Go bicycling and include 3-5 30-second sprints (short bursts of full-speed cycling) to tap your core's fast-twitch muscle fibers and boost your calorie burn.

Turn up the treadmill
Walk for 1-15 minutes at a moderate pace (3 to 4.5 mph). Do five 2- minute intervals with incline set at 10-15 percent. Then return to starting incline for 10-15 minutes.

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