What Health Pros Order at Restaurants

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Gunnar Peterson: Celebrity trainer to A-listers (including Sofia Vergara and Kim Kardashian) in Beverly Hills, California

I'm ordering: Spinach Side Salad, Weight Watchers Cajun Lime Tilapia, Brownie Bite, glass of white wine

"I like having some greens at the start of my meal to keep my appetite in check, so I'll ask for a small spinach salad (with olive oil and lemon on the side), which isn’t on the menu, but many locations will make it.

For my main dish, the tilapia (350 calories; 5 grams of fat) is just what I need to help fuel me, with its 36 grams of protein. I would kill a relative for chocolate—the brownie bite (360 calories) handles that craving but won't put me over the top."

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