What Health Pros Order at Restaurants

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Red Robin

Devin Alexander: TV Chef and author of The Biggest Loser Cookbook Series

I'm ordering: Blackened Chicken Sandwich, broccoli Side, Under 10 Calorie Peach Ice Tea, apple slices or mandarin oranges

"At only 405 calories, I get the blackened chicken sandwich with no chipotle mayo and no cheese, with a broccoli side. It still feels hearty, without the extra fat. Red Robin web site has a tool that lets you customize your order online, before you arrive, so you can figure out exactly how many calories you'd ditch if you hold off on certain condiments, etc. (skipping the two I did saved me over 200 calories!). To drink, the peach iced tea is refreshing, and doesn't give me copious amounts of calories. For dessert, I get a fruit side from the kids menu, which has just enough sweetness to curb a dessert craving."

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