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What Health Pros Order at Restaurants

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Dawn Jackson Blatner, RD: Dietitian and author of The Flexitarian Diet

I'm ordering: Caribbean Salad with Grilled Shrimp, Light "Beer-garita," (special made)

"My general rule when eating out: entrée plus one. This means I order my entrée, plus either an appetizer, alcohol, or dessert—not all three. My 'plus one' for this meal is a light beer-garita: a salt-rimmed glass with fresh lime juice and light beer (it isn't on the menu, so just ask your waitperson). It's fancier than just a beer but still only about 100 calories.

Then for my salad, I skip the dressing, so it's probably around 450 calories. It doesn't need dressing because the shrimp offer a satisfying grilled taste and the salad is loaded with flavorful green onions, fruit, and cilantro."

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