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What Health Pros Order at Restaurants

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Olive Garden

Michael Roizen, MD: Chief wellness officer at the Cleveland Clinic, co-author of You: On a Diet and You: Stress Less, and author of RealAge

I'm ordering: Minestrone Soup or Garden-Fresh Salad, Herb-Grilled Salmon with broccoli (split), Coffee, glass of Pinot Noir

"Minestrone soup is usually healthy as a starter, so I'll order it with no croutons or cheese and a big salad.

Olive Garden has a great mixture of veggies in their salads, like tomatoes, carrots, and olives. If I am sharing a meal I'll choose the Herb-Grilled Salmon with broccoli. The salmon gives me omega-3s for my blood vessels, brain, and eyes, and the broccoli is the best cancer fighter we know. I'll have coffee during the meal and a glass of Pinot Noir as dessert."

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