What Health Pros Order at Restaurants

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Chevys Fresh Mex

Kristin McGee: Health columnist, celebrity yoga instructor, and star of 15 fitness DVDs

I'm ordering: Corona Light, with a lime, chips and salsa (split), two Soft Chicken Tacos (à la carte), Black Bean and Guacamole sides

"A Corona Light is only about 100 calories and the hops actually fill me up (although it's important to stick to just one!). I may have some chips—I put a handful on a napkin or plate so I don't reach back into the basket.

I do, though, have a free-for-all with the salsa. It’s so low cal, and the hot spices help rev up your metabolism. I'll order my two soft tacos with corn tortillas (lower cal than flour) à la carte so I'm not stuck with unhealthy sides.

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