The Best Makeup Colors For Your Face

Look fresh, glowing, and gorgeous with makeup shades that flatter your skin.

Credit: Peter Buckingham

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Coral lip gloss

"Coral is a blend of pink and peach that works on every skin tone," says Collier Strong, a consulting makeup artist for L’Oréal Paris. "It has a vibrancy that helps fill out lips."

Don’t go matte with your lipstick. Instead, choose a creamy, hydrating lipstick or gloss.

Go for a soft liner that matches your natural lip color. "It’s difficult to find the perfect shade of liner to match coral lipstick," says Strong. Plus, sticking with a neutral keeps the look less "done."

Try a fresh stain effect by using your index finger to press the lipstick onto your lips. Never apply coral straight from the tube. "When you drag lipstick across your lips, you can apply too much, which ages you in a bright shade," says Strong.

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